Body Love Workshop for Adults

To put it simply: being an adult is tough. Our schedules demand more than our 24-hour days allow. We have to be reachable and "on" all the time. Kids. Social events. Working out. It can get a little overwhelming and one of the first things to go is self-care and self-love. It's no wonder we end up feeling icky in our own skin!

That's why we've created our Body Love Workshop - 2 delectable hours to help you slow it down, get back into your body, tune into what you're eating and get moving in a mindful way.

Workshop Breakdown:

  • Education on the relationship between mental health and body image

  • A look at society's dieting culture - separating fact from fiction

  • Self-reflection exercises to shift your mindset from self-judgment to self-love (or like!)

  • Gentle Yoga session to improve your connection to your body and reduce stress

  • Delicious and nutritious meal to learn the art of mindful eating from organic prepared meal company Sammy and Grammy's

  • Self-compassion Meditation session

  • Handouts and a mindful gift bag to take home with you

  • Entry into a draw to win an eco-friendly yoga mat from our sponsor Corc Yoga!

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