Body Love Workshop for Teens

Is your TEEN struggling with their BODY IMAGE? Bring them to our 2 hour Body Love Workshop! We understand that a healthy body image starts with a healthy mind. That’s why we work mindfulness and compassion into our Workshops. Suitable for ages 9-19 years old.

Cultivating a strong, loving connection to the body at a young age can set teens up for a healthy and balanced future. Participants learn about diet culture, mental health, intuitive eating, the effects of social media and social pressure on body image, and some simple mindfulness exercises. 

Workshop breakdown:

  • Open share - Raquel and Eryl share their experiences with body image and mental health 

  • Discussion about diet culture and its impacts on how we see ourselves

  • Education on the link between mental health and body image

  • Simple and accessible Yoga session to boost body awareness

  • Examining how social media and social pressure influences self-esteem

  • Mindset exercises to look at and change beliefs about our bodies- using mantras and self-reflection 

  • Tasty and nutritious meal to learn the art of mindful eating from organic prepared meal company Sammy and Grammy's

  • Guided Meditation session for self-compassion and body love

  • Resources for support around body image and mental health challenges

  • Handouts and a mindful gift bag to take home with you

  • Entry into a draw to win an eco-friendly yoga mat from our sponsor Corc Yoga!

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